7 Reasons You Should Give Pinky Promise Rings

7 Reasons You Should Give Pinky Promise Rings

In recent years pinky promise jewelry and matching jewelry sets have become increasingly popular among the masses. This can be because of the meaning behind the matching sets or the symbolism between the ring sets. A pinky promise ring is a popular choice for best friends and couples because it symbolizes the bond and friendship between two individuals.

The act of "pinky promising" with the loved ones in your life has been a traditional gesture for centuries, where two individuals link their pinky fingers together as a sign of trust and agreement. Let's get into the reasons why you should give a pinky promise ring set to your loved ones:

  1. To Serve As a Physical Reminder- Rings are versatile pieces of jewelry that can be worn daily, and if you choose to get matching couples promise rings or friendship rings, you'll be consistently reminded of the bond that you share with your loved one or best friend. If you're someone who misses your partner, pinkie promise rings are great rings for couples, whether you're in a long-distance relationship and are looking to give your boyfriend or girlfriend a token of your promise with a promise ring.

  2. To Commemorate a Special Event- Matching promise rings are a great way to commemorate an anniversary with your lover, or a friendiversary with your best friend. By choosing to gift a matching promise ring to your loved ones, you're showing your commitment to that person and willingness to keep the promise of the love the two of you share. Some people even choose to wear a pinky promise ring as or in addition to their wedding band to signify the bond between themselves and their partner.

  3. Promise Rings are Customizable- Yes you can just get your loved ones a pre-made ring set, but you can also personalize it with your initials, words you share, daily reminders for one another, and other stamped inscriptions on our custom promise rings. When it comes to personalization on your pinky promise jewelry, there really are limitless options.

  4. Ring Sets Have No Gender- Maybe you have a boyfriend or male best friend that thinks they shouldn't be wearing rings? Well, think again! Male promise rings are an incredibly popular gift to give to the men in your life, especially some of our more grungy designs like those that feature skeleton pinky swears. Our rings are made of high-quality sterling silver so they're sure to last no matter what the man in your life does and make a great men's promise ring.

  5. They're Dainty and Low Key- When it comes to wearing a ring, you can make a promise to your partner or best friend without making it known to the whole world. The two of you share a special bond and it's between the promise ring set that the two of you have each half of. Not only that but pinky swear rings come in thinner and dainty options for you to choose from if you're someone who likes more minimalist jewelry. The great thing about small accessories like rings, is you don't have to worry about making a statement to anyone other than your loved one about the ring.

  6. They're Great for Best Friends- We focused a lot on giving a promise ring to your partner, but matching rings for best friends are just as popular. Whether you live close and just want to always show your promise of friendship to each other, or you're going away to college and you want to feel connected to your bestie from afar, pinky promise ring sets make great matching rings for best friends. Not only that, but matching butterfly ring sets have also become popular among best friends in recent years.

  7. They're a Unique Gift- Sure, a pinky promise ring set can be basic and just feature two hands intertwining pinkies, but there are other options like skeleton pinky promise ring sets that are a unique option that is sure to make a statement. Matching ring sets and promise ring sets don't have to feature a pinky promise design either, you can have matching rings like matching peanut butter and jelly rings, matching butterfly rings, and even matching sun and moon ring sets. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the unique options for matching ring sets for you and your loved ones.

Matching ring sets are a great option to give to your loved ones because they symbolize a tangible bond between you and your loved ones. Not only that, but pinky promise rings are a great way to serve as a reminder of the promises you've made and how you must keep them. Show appreciation for your loved ones with matching promise rings for best friends and matching couples rings, they'll love the unique gift you give, and the bond that you now share between the rings that you now share.