Double Skeleton Pinky Swear Ring Set

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The double skeleton pinky swear stacking ring set, for couples, best friends, or siblings living apart, or even as a going away gift. This ring set makes great friendship rings and offering a great birthday gift for your best friend. Featuring two skeleton hands with intertwined pinkies representing a pinky swear, this ring set demonstrates a pact made between you and your loved ones.

Product Details:

  • Materials: Aluminum, Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, 14k Gold Filled
  • Color: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold
  • Size: 6mm
  • Two Matching Rings

You will receive two hand-stamped rings filled with a black enamel finish. 


Our best-selling ring set, this unique promise ring set is the perfect piece of jewelry for everyday wear and to add to your collection. The design features two skeleton pinky promise hands that signify the love and connection between you and your loved ones. This matching ring set is great for best friends, couples, or any loved ones in your life due to the fact that they can connect you no matter the distance between the two of you. The most common purchase of this skeleton pinky promise ring set are as promise rings for best friends, and many of our customers have left reviews mentioning that they purchased these rings for a friendiversay or as an anniversary gift for their boyfriend or girlfriend. Both rings are made based on a size, but are adjustable up and down one ring size to be the perfect fit, and can also be worn on many different fingers. Although the common representation is as a pinky promise ring, it doesn't mean the rings need to be worn on the pinky itself, in fact, they can be worn on any of your fingers. We offer this ring set in various materials at different price points for your convenience. All of the materials for our promise rings are great for everyday wear as we offer sterling silver promise rings, gold promise rings, and rose gold promise rings, the decision is up to you!

Due to their skeleton design, this ring design is a little more masculine and makes great male promise rings for you and your boyfriend, male best friend, or husband. It's a common misconception that men can't wear promise rings because jewelry can be viewed as feminine, but rings are for everyone, and this skeleton pinky-swear design makes great promise rings for men. We've even heard that these rings have been used as a promise ring for their partner. It may be hard to choose which matching pinky promise rings are perfect for you to choose, but we've sold over a thousand of these ring sets, and the reviews speak for themselves. Treat yourself to one of our matching promise ring sets, you won't be sorry!

What does a pinky promise represent? Simply put, it represents a hand gesture made by two individuals intertwining their pinkies together to signify a mutual pact or understanding between each other. Most commonly done by children, the promise signified by locking pinkies with someone else proves to be a promise between each other, and tradition of pinky swears say that whoever breaks the promise may lose their pinky to signify breaking the trust and pact created.


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