Our Story

My name is Vinnie, and creating is my favorite. Veeaien (pronounced V.I.N.) Designs started out as a hobby but has grown to be so much more. It all started in the craft store, where I saw tools for something called "metal stamping" and from that moment, I was hooked. Much better, in my opinion, than engraving, metal stamped items are stamped letter by letter, character by character, and design by design making every single item unique and personalized to you. The possibilities are truly endless!
Veeaien Designs Stamp
Over the last few years, my amazing customers have been the reason I've been able to provide a more premium product made with high-quality materials and stamps at the most affordable price. I love working with my customers via message to create custom gifts for the ones you love or yourself, and I adore hearing the stories of the reactions to my products. Seeing how happy my products make my customers truly brings me genuine joy.

Veeaien Designs Workspace
I meticulously make metal and leather jewelry and accessories for my customers that have special meaning to them. Whether they are reminders of important days, personal mantras, or just a gift for your best friend, I'm very excited to be a part of that for you.

Thank you for choosing to support my small business, and I hope you love the one of a kind gifts we make together. 

Handmade With Love,