Pinky Promise Rings and Pinky Swear Jewelry

Over 6,200 weddings happen every day in the US, so you’re no stranger to a pair of wedding bands. But those who wish to show their devotion can do it with more than just a simple band. A pinky promise ring is the perfect alternative to traditional wedding rings.

Matching promise rings are a great way to show your commitment without the fuss of an engagement. Any couple can wear them at any stage of their relationship.

You can also wear jewelry that symbolizes your love for someone you’re not dating. There are friendship rings, matching sister rings, and even male promise rings.

If you’re ready to show the person you love that your promises matter, keep reading to learn more about the types of jewelry that do that.

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Double Skeleton Pinky Promise Ring Set

The Double Skeleton Pinky Swear Ring set is the perfect way to show your friend you’ll be there for them forever. Like the pinkies, the two rings are delicate and dainty, but they have a lot of character. The skeleton design is fun, and it makes a great conversation piece.

If you’re using this set as promise rings for men, the design is subtle enough that it will blend right in on those who don’t accessorize often. The black and silver colors are also neutral enough to go with any outfit.

Pinky Swear Ring Set

This Pinky Swear Ring Set is a minimalist version of an everlasting commitment. The rings have two pinky swear fingers that touch when placed side by side. It’s great for those who love subtle accessories that make a bold statement.

Wear them as couple rings or best friend jewelry. Either way, you’ll always remember your bond with this set.

Pinky Promise Necklace

If you’re not into rings, necklaces are an elegant alternative for displaying your loyalty. Each necklace has a pendant that features two fingers making a promise. It’s subtle enough to wear every day, but still makes an eye-catching statement about your relationship.

This pinky promise jewelry is a great way to add another accessory without being too over the top. With their soft look, these necklaces would fit perfectly into your everyday fashion.

Custom Initials Pinky Swear Heart Ring Set

Unique designs are the ideal way to say “I love you”. You can sport a pinky swear ring set with custom initials as promise rings for couples. These accessories will gracefully show your attachment to each other.

They’re cute and meaningful, so you’ll always be reminded of your loved one’s magnificence.

Parent and Child Pinky Swear Ring Set

The perfect gift for your daughter, son, mother, or father is a pinky swear ring. With this set, you can share a new tradition with your family and make pinky promises to mark special occasions.

Get a Pinky Promise Ring for Your Loved One

We hope you found a pinky promise ring idea that you love and will cherish for years. Remember, these rings are meant for more than just romantic relationships. You can use them to celebrate your bond with anyone you care about.

If you’re looking for a cute ring that will last, browse our selection of pinky promise rings. Gold, silver, or rose gold are the available colors, and there are four unique metal options.